Paid to click sites or PTC sites are the online companies to pay a fixed amount of money, just to visit sites that advertise. The period during which they must remain on a website is just a few seconds. In short PTC sites pay money for every click you make on ads.
How much money do I earn for every click;

The money provided for each click is usually depending on the length of stay on the site you visit. The maximum visit time is 30 seconds and the gain is about 1-2 cents. For 15 sec correspond approximately 0,5 - 1 cents and 3 sec 0,1 cent. Each PTC site gives its own promotions.
- You earn 15% of everything your referrals earn for life!
- You earn $0.10 cash for every referral that completes an offer worth at least $0.25/25pts.  click here to good look!!!
In neobux you click, you see ads and earn money. The Greek neobux is PTC site with thousands of members. The big negative of neobux is the limitations of referrals for ordinary members and the money you can earn from them as they do not count all click them.
You make money from neobux;

In neobux you can earn money by click on ads, completing tasks as in Clixsense and by your referrals. Completing Tasks certainly is the most efficient piece of neobux.

Points wanting attention !
This is a much- neobux PTC site, but with very strict rules. To earn money you have to be active and you and all your referrals . If for example one day you do not click on ads , then the next will receive commission from your referrals .
The big negative is that there counted all click made ​​by referrals, but only permanent ads on the orange box . Also as a single member are entitled to unlimited no referrals, but depending on the time a member rising and vacancies to win referrals.   click here to register

The PTC site incentria offers money to do click on advertised sites, as well as to do other corresponding record in PTC sites. In incentria you can earn money by:
  • Paid To Click
  • Offers και tasks
  • Paid to promote
  • Referrals
Paid to click.
The incentria offer ads that you can click and win some money. Certainly not the strong point, as there is a sufficient number of advertisers.

Offers and Tasks.
Star Offers and Tasks is the strong point of incentria, as there are dozens available. This category is recording at various sites promotion. For each entry you pay the amount referred to as reward.

Like any PTC site, so the incentria program offers Paid to promote. Recommending referrals earn commissions depending on the activity.  click here incentria

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